Configuration options

padb has a number of extended configuration options for tuning it's behavior, these can be set in a number of ways. There are options for controlling padb itself and how it start up and find jobs and also mode specific options which control individual (or multiple) modes.

All configuration options have both a name and a value, in some cases the value is a comma separated list.

Setting options

Configuration options can be set in the following ways:

Viewing active options

Running padb with the -v option will show both what options are being loaded and also the used values for all mode specific options.

Available options

A list of configuration options along with their current values can be obtained by specifying a key of help with or without a value, i.e. padb -Ohelp


In normal use the resource manager is selected automatically based on what is installed, if for some reason padb cannot determine the resource manager you are using you can explicitly request one by setting the "rmgr" option.
ashley@alpha:~$ padb --show-jobs
Error, multiple resource managers detected, use -Ormgr=<resource manager>
orte slurm local-fd local
ashley@alpha:~$ padb --show-jobs --config-option rmgr=orte
ashley@alpha:~$ export PADB_RMGR=orte
ashley@alpha:~$ padb --show-jobs